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Welcome to the spirit of MYConcierge …


MYConcierge is a lifestyle service company synonymous with a concierge service in a five star hotel. The sole purpose of this company is to be there for you; at any moment and for any occasion, whether it be professional or private. Because your time is your most valuable possession, your personal concierge is at your disposal to take care of your organizational needs, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


At MYConcierge, our sense of service is defined by offering to you your own individual concierge, who is your singular intermediary in all needs. With each new request, your concierge will get to know you a little better and anticipate your needs and desires in order to present you with the finest solution to your request.


No idea is too outlandish or unusual. Your concierge will always have the answer up his or her sleeve in order to turn whimsy into reality. They are there to share with your their most cherished addresses, and the most exquisite and hidden of secrets. Your concierge will give you the heads up on rare events and create the best possible itinerary that suits your mood and desire.


Your concierge is always at your disposal, day or night, to service your requests and assure you of their service. Our golden standard is a confidentiality that we provide to each and every client while personally managing their daily needs.


All services are charged to you directly by our service providers with no extra surprises. Between you and your concierge all interactions are crystal clear and fully confidential.